Coughlin trims Clerk's budget to lowest level since 2001

Friday, January 16th, 2015

Stow Municipal Clerk of Court Kevin Coughlin announced today that he has reduced his office’s operating budget by 3.2% for 2015 to its lowest level since 2001. The following statement can be attributed in full or in part to Kevin Coughlin:

“When I entered this office I conducted a review of our staff size relative to caseload and determined that the Clerk’s office was overstaffed. We had seventeen full-time employees and I have trimmed that to fourteen.

“In addition to personnel reductions we are saving money through measures including the use of modern technology for certified mail, shared services with the judges’ side of the courthouse, and by switching to no-fee banking.

“Government doesn’t always have to grow. I am leading this office as a professional, free to make decisions based on what is best for the Court and for the public that we serve.

“The Clerk’s office staff works hard every day to make our justice system work and to provide the public with access to its Court. We are improving our service and modernizing the office, all with the leanest budget this office has had in fourteen years. I’m proud to say that we are working harder and smarter for our citizens.”

Budget Figures

2013 Clerk of Courts Budget: $1,275,788.39

2014 Clerk of Courts Budget: $1,254,283.00

2015 Clerk of Courts Proposed Budget: $1,212,941.40

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