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Kevin Coughlin: Right for Ohio

Kevin Coughlin grew up in an Ohio working-class family where he learned the values of hard work and resilience early on. Kevin was raised by his single mom and they moved in with his grandparents to keep a roof over their head.

His mom worked to help the unemployed, his grandfather was a veteran and union electrician, and his grandmother was a phone operator and grocery store clerk. Together, they showed him that with sacrifice, hard work and can-do attitude, anything is possible.

Kevin took his first job at 15 earning $2.50 an hour flipping burgers and hot dogs at the B-K Rootbeer Drive-In and worked his way through college flipping pizzas at Mark’s Pizza’s Pub to afford his studies at Bowling Green.

After graduating, Kevin became passionate about creating educational opportunities that would break the cycle of poverty for Ohio students. Kevin got involved at the grassroots level to pass scholarship programs to help K-12 students to escape underperforming schools and attain better opportunities to achieve the American Dream.

This commitment to public service led him to the Ohio House of Representatives and State Senate where he fought tirelessly to protect victims of crime and stood up to the leaders in both parties to defend Ohio taxpayers. In the legislature, Kevin created Ohio’s Amber Alert System, passed legislation to close the domestic violence loophole, and stood up to the party bosses when they worked to pass the largest tax increase in Ohio history.

Since then, Kevin remained active in his community, raised a family and has become a successful small business owner.
Now, Kevin is running for Congress to defend the American Dream for future generations - because he’s lived it – and is worried as he sees DC pushing policies that have put the American Dream further and further out of reach for too many.

He lives in Bath with his wife of 30 years, Anne, a physical therapist. Together, they have two daughters.

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