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Too often, Members of Congress get to D.C. and forget the people they’re there to serve. As a husband, father, small business owner and fifth generation resident of Summit County, Kevin will put Ohio workers and their families first. Never politicians, lobbyists or special interests. He’s done it before, and will do it again, no matter the political cost.


The mission is simple. Keep the people who are committing crimes away from law-abiding citizens. It’s time to throw out the politicians whose soft-on-crime policies have helped create this deadly and dangerous crime surge. Kevin supports our police and worked tirelessly in the Ohio legislature protect children and the victims of domestic abuse by giving law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges the tools they need to keep our communities safe. He will fight for border patrol agents, first responders, and law enforcement officers. Kevin will work to coordinate federal, state, and local efforts to combat drug and human trafficking, homelessness, and addiction.


Kevin is the candidate in this race who has walked the walk when it comes to responsible spending. Kevin helped pass balanced budgets in Ohio that generated surplus revenue. In Congress, he will advocate for a constitutional amendment to balance the budget to get America’s fiscal house in order. He will work to hold the line on the Biden administration’s 40-year-high inflation so that everyday expenses for Ohioans are brought under control.


As a small business owner, Kevin understands what we need: a more competitive tax rate and less unnecessary red tape. Kevin is a five-time Watchdog of the Treasury Award winner. He has signed the pledge to oppose any attempts to raise taxes on Americans. In Ohio, he led efforts to cut the income tax, eliminate the estate tax, and he held the line against tax hikes. Letting Ohioans keep more of their hard-earned money allows them to save, invest, and spend to meet their needs, and start to grow a business.


Congress has given away much of its power to the executive agencies over the span of our lifetime. It’s time to reel in the bureaucrats. Kevin will be a warrior against wasteful spending and abuse. It begins with passing regular budgets, rather than continuing spending resolutions that do nothing but empower the bureaucrats and drive up the deficit. Kevin will advocate for greater Congressional oversight of the administrative state so that agencies are following the intent of the people’s elected representatives.


The Biden administration’s open borders are allowing drug cartels and human smugglers to flood into the country, bringing illicit drugs and crime into communities across the United States, and opening us up to the risk of terrorism. Kevin will work to secure the border and close loopholes that allow illegal immigrants who commit a crime to escape justice. A path to citizenship for people who came here illegally is unacceptable.


Kevin’s record on education is clear. He was on the ground floor of the parents' rights movement in Ohio, helping to establish choice scholarships and sponsoring Ohio’s special education scholarship so that kids with special needs can go to the schools that best fits their needs. He will be a voice for kids and parents in Washington.


Lake Erie and our Great Lakes notably provide pristine recreational opportunities, but they play a vital role in our economy. Kevin will work to protect our Great Lakes for future generations while strengthening both the ecology and the economy of these incredible resources.


Defending our Constitution is the foremost responsibility of any Member of Congress. As the size of government grows, the American people are rightly concerned about its interference in our lives. Kevin will always ensure Congress is acting as a check and balance to protect the freedoms and liberties that we hold dear.


Kevin grew up with his World War II veteran grandfather in the home. Anne’s grandfather was shot down over Europe and escaped from the Nazis after being taken prisoner. In the Ohio Senate, he chaired the State & Local Government and Veterans Affairs Committee where he prioritized health care and long-term care for our veterans, including building a new veterans home in the state. Additionally, he helped secure funding for the construction of the National World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C., where Ohio honor flights frequently take place. In Congress, Kevin will fight fraud and wasteful spending that weakens military readiness and takes away resources for our men and women in uniform. He will work toward prompt and quality health care through the VA and to provide choice to veterans. And he will work to improve mental health care services for veterans, and resources to help them integrate into civilian life.

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